Project Management

Establishing and maintaining professional partner relationship is vital to achieving client satisfaction. At AMR, we provide a personal approach to maintaining our key accounts. By assigning dedicated teams of executive project and data managers with whom you will be able to share experiences and knowledge, AMR can help to open new doors for your company to greater insights, business development and overall increased value.

Faizel Collier

International Project Manager

What to Expect, Smooth Project Management.

Regardless of the method by which your data is collected, we make sure the entire process runs smoothly. It all starts with a dedicated project manager, who will be your single point of contact and accountable for on-time and on-budget delivery of your project. We’ve been practicing and perfecting this process for 35 years, and implement the strictest quality control procedures throughout.

  • Request for quotation.

    Response within 24 hours.

  • New Project.

    Dedicated project manager assigned, with backup contacts available 24/7.

  • Programing

    We program your questionnaire with our systems, applying the appropriate screening, routing and logic structure. It is only ready to go after rigorous testing and validation. Fo r mul t ina t i ona l s tudi e s , the questionnaire is translated to the local languages.

  • Sampling.

    Business samples are selected by SIC and/or NACE codes and further targeted by region, department, title, or other desired characteristics. For consumer or general population studies, we apply targeted and random sampling techniques, stratified by the required country, region and household parameters.

  • Fieldwork.

    This is where we shine! If using CATI, our skilled interviewers can pass by gatekeepers and engage even the busiest respondents to captured feedback. Regardless of mode, quality controls ensure the capture data is accurate and from your intended target group.

  • Data processing and delivery.

    We clean the data and apply the final round of logic and plausibility checks before delivering it to you. If you need further analysis or reporting, we can do that to.