Guaranteed clean.

“The market research industry is continually evolving, yet one thing will never change: the need for reliable data to inform decision-making. The ability to capture information about opinions and behaviors in a usable format will never go out of style. Our clients have demanded this from day one; we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver”

Stevan Dukanac

Head of Field and Recruitment

Rigorous Quality Control Procedures.

AMR performs extensive quality control checks throughout fieldwork, and conducts a comprehensive cleaning program to deliver reliable results for informed decision-making. But quality is top of mind at AMR before data collection even starts. Instead of just cleaning up “bad” data at the end, we employ quality, logic and plausibility checks throughout the entire process, which is all managed by a central project manager. Such total immersion of the project manager in all aspects of the project – with programmers, interviewers, field supervisors and the DP team – facilitates a consistent and proactive approach to delivering data of the utmost quality.


Surveys are programmed with the appropriate screening, routing and logic embedded from the start. Only after rigorous testing and validation will the project move to fieldwork. Data integrity and plausibility checks are performed on all collected data, and any outliers or inconsistencies – “straight-line” responses, or interview duration anomalies – are removed. We guarantee your data will be 100% verified, validated and matched to your data map requirements. You only get reliable, decision-ready data that you can count on. Live monitoring is done on 5% of all interviews, to ensure data is accurate and the respondent fits the target group.


-Only proven and experienced interviewers are employed.
-Intensive training on both research and communication techniques.
-Live call monitoring on 5% of each interviewer’s work.
-We use Nebu and Xlite Sytel dialer.


-Only verified and credible panelists are used – subject to digital finger-printing and ISP check.
-Data is checked for straightlining, implausible response patterns and unusual duration lengths.
-Monitor live data reports online.


-Only provenand experienced interviewers are employed.
-Surveys are care full y designed for in-per son interviewing, whether on
paper or with tablets/mobile devices.
-All fieldwork is monitored on site, or routing is tracked and monitored by geolocation.