We help major German and International companies in construction, building materials & equipment, and engineering.  Our experienced team of researchers understand the key technical developments within manufacturing. Plus our wide ranging experience makes us a trusted research partner to guide decision-making in the business-to-business environment.

Our data provides decision critical support for a range of projects in this sector such as – market entry; distribution and supply chain strategies; purchase selection in real-life contexts; customer satisfaction and loyalty.



Over a three year period, we worked with Caterpillar, a leading manufacturer of construction equipment to measure customer satisfaction. We conducted over 2000 5-10 minute interviews per month with dealers across the European/African/Asian Pacific Markets, totalling 24,000- 30,000 interviews per year between 2013-16. These were completed with CATI, using our client’s e-CATI software, across twelve countries including Norway, China, New Zealand and the UK.

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