Data Processing

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Data Processing

Data collection and Processing (tabulation and coding) is what we do. Since 1987 when we conducted our first telephone project, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering the highest quality data collected according to the principals, standards and ethics of the marketing research industry. To this end we have continued to expand our service offerings, keep client satisfaction high, keep costs reasonable and hire fantastic employees.

CATI & Online Programming

AMR has been conducting CATI telephone surveys since 1987. An early adopter of industry leaders of CATI platforms, AMR continues to lead the industry with state-of-the-art innovative programming. We consistently receive top customer satisfaction scores and positive reviews from our clients. Our large team of experienced programmers will partner with you to ensure the highest-quality CATI and online programming with quick turn-around times.
For programming AMR utilizes well-known software platform NEBU:
Fully customizable – Surveys can be tailored to your needs and those of your client.
Multi-language support – All browser-supported languages are accommodated including Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, Hindi etc.
Linkage Enabled – Connect your survey to data from external sources like NIPO, Confirmit, etc.
Mobile compatible – Surveys can be accessed with any web-enabled smart device.
Random Data Generator – Generates “dummy” data to ensure skip patterns are followed.
Complex logic set-up – Allows for questionnaire designs to include conjoints, maxdiff exercises, and segmentation algorithms.
Real-Time reporting.
Flash and HTML 5 compatible.

Data Processing

AMR offers complete in-house data processing and coding services. Our highly trained, experienced and flexible team generates tables that turn your data into actionable insights. We know that presenting data in meaningful ways is essential for you in making timely, critical business decisions. We are able to accommodate imported data from nearly any source (ASCII, Binary, SPSS, Excel, Dimensions). After your data is processed, coded and thoroughly checked, we can deliver your tables in Word and/or Excel format. We can also provide the processed data in ASCII, SPSS and a variety of other formats.
Able to accommodate advanced single or multi step weighting schemes.
Able to create complex banners, grid tables, custom tables and data stacking.
Tab programmers have an average of 10 years of experience with NEBU
Dedicated Project Manager assigned to each project to ensure your project runs efficiently, on-time and with high quality.

Verbatim Coding

AMR has extensive experience in Verbatim coding. Verbatim responses generate high volumes of valuable (though often overlooked) information and insights, potentially unavailable through close-ended responses. Our specialist domain experts understand and code open ended responses both easily and accurately, in accordance with standards set by each individual client.
Analyzing customer responses and drawing actionable insights.
In-house open ended coding in multiple languages through a single source to streamline the coding project process and enhance delivery efficiencies and project effectiveness.
Interpreting and accurately categorizing responses from doctors, healthcare specialists, and patients by medical coding specialists in our coding team
Our team is expert in Excel, Macros and Ascribe.

Cleaning and data export

We know that the data has to be clear and tabulated in order to be properly analyzed.
Dedicated team to clean all the typos and make the proper coding
Translations of open ends
Different export formats: SPSS, CSV, ASCII, Excel, etc.