Mobile Research

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Mobile research combines the single largest source of active on line web panellists with the research industry’s only mobile research platform, offering full survey functionality to deliver unprecedented mobile data collection. The growing trend in usage of apps in smartphones and tablets are increasingly drawing young people in the developing world into discussions about social, political and other issues. Mobile research offers questionnaires in a native app, web app and tablet surveys that are device-specific with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android smartphones, tablets and BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBooks.

Why mobile research?

Mobile Research is a good option for quantitative consumer surveys in developing countries. Reaching the previously unconnected – PC and broadband penetration in most emerging markets is low, but everyone has a mobile phone.
In terms of Speed – projects take days rather than weeks in comparison to other methodologies, this is because mobile surveys are just valid for short surveys, this increases engagement, reducing survey fatigue, and mobile eliminates interviewer bias and fraud.

Technical Capabilities

These features are possible to use through mobile research: Push notifications, Geo-fencing, Venue, QR Code and Calendar triggers, Geo-targeting, typical questionnaires, image captures, GPS location.

Survey respondents can be targeted

AMR provides representative data with all the required criteria parameters such as: Demographics (age, gender, income); life stage, product & brand usage, Device manufacturer & OS (iOS, Android, etc), mobile operator and time & location (time of day, day of week).