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Benefit from our innovative methods to understand data. Use predictive analytics and gain insights into your operational performance from your customers behaviors. We will provide you accurate predictions and better-informed decisions about emerging opportunities, competitive threats and shifts in your markets to increase competitive advantage. Analyze the large amount of data and outperform your peers, drive more top-line growth and reduce risks that would derail your plans.


Our interactive reports on survey data will help your team grasp the significance of your findings.
Receive insights across the survey so decision makers can act on them.
All our reports retain the integrity of the collected data.
Benefit from reports that will make an impact on decision makers.
Receive reports with a beautiful design and clear understandable format.

Discover new trends

We provide our clients with the information on their business scenario required to stay ahead of competition in today’s fast paced business environment. Our centralized data collection and processing allow us to clean, validate and export ther sample data for excellent reporting that will allow you to identify emerging trends.


AMR is a consulting firm that produces 100 high-level, strategically analyzed, full-length reports every year, tracking more than 10 industries. AMR launch industry-wise and country-wise market tracker reports for all the verticals we track. We form one of the world’s largest business intelligence resources. AMR has effectively used technology to automate the management of large and complex market data tables and forecasts. We, at AMR, aspire to assist our clients achieve sustainable growth by providing incisive business insight into their respective markets.

Every year AMR launch reports for customers from different industries such as advertising agencies and business consultants, automobile, chemicals, fibers, paint and plastics industry, financial services, FMCG – durables, IT and Telcom companies, media, medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, public sector, trade and service sectors, transport, travel and tourism.