We help clients in industrial manufacturing as well as energy, sustainability, the environment, recycling and solar power. This comprises 15-20% of the projects we undertake. In particular we have seen increasing interest in energy and industrial related research involving the conversion of raw materials into different, more environmentally friendly products.

Most of the research we do in this area falls into two types. It is either CATI based benchmarking research, attitudes towards usage, value measurement surveys, etc., or highly qualitative (for example focus group discussions focused on recycling of metals and responsible waste disposal). Much research has been for educational organizations (University of Groningen), the European Commission and both agency and direct clients in the industry such as Total Gas, Exxon Mobil, Akzo Nobel and Pyroguard Glass.



The BarEnergy project identified the relevance and strengths of various barriers for energy behaviour changes among consumers and households, and discussed how political authorities, energy producers and NGOs can act to overcome these barriers. We carried out two waves of 7,000, online interviews about household energy habits, motivations and trends, involving values and motivations for current energy use, potential interest in energy efficient light bulbs, and the use of lights in the home and the use of cars for short trips. The survey ended with a section on the assessment of the EU energy label. In total we ran the survey across seven countries – Norway, Netherlands, UK, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Greece – making a total of 14,000 interviews.

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