Mystery Audits

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Mystery Audits

Mystery shopping is a process used to acquire the most objective possible assessment of service quality, evaluate quality aspects in terms of service, advice and sales from the customer perspective, and reveal any weak points. The aim of the analysis is to find potential for optimization, increase customer satisfaction and win over new target groups.

Catalog of criteria for mystery shoppers:

Where do the strengths and weaknesses lie in terms of giving advice, concluding sales and providing customer care (e.g. selling behavior, reactions during the sales discussion)?
To what extent are the prescribed standards met? (e.g. service standards, appearance, product placement, behavior during checkout processes)
Are the mystery shoppers satisfied with the service quality? To what extent?
Where do the causes of customer dissatisfaction lie?
How are dimensions such as appearance, friendliness or the speed of reaction when giving advice rated?


AMR helps companies evaluate the quality aspects of their services with the use of innovative methods and professional-quality analysis. AMR has developed a new product for this: the Advanced Mystery Audits.

What is the Advanced Mystery Audit?

The analysis procedure of the Advanced Mystery Audit is a web-based mixture of mystery shopping and mystery calling, customized to the service aspect(s) that need to be tested.

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