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AMR provides all relevant data collection methods, state-of-the-art , round the clock and multilingual all over the world.
Please find below a collection of case studies with details of some of our recent projects.

Consumer Electronics

Name of Study: Dealer Attitude Survey (yearly tracking)
Client: International electronics manufacturer of household and electronic appliances.
Years active: 2007 to 2013
Objective: To identify the client’s brand status among sales staff’s point-of-view, to understand the retail sentiment, provide a measure of competitive equity and explore product drivers.
Target Respondents: Store sales staff selling different electronic appliances such as mobile phones, flat panel TVs, digital cameras, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.
Methodology: CATI
Sample Size: N=10.500 per wave covering 14 countries in Western and Southern Europe, North America and APAC.
AMR’s Role: Exploiting all possibilities to reach sales staff of specific retail channels using native speaking B2B interviewers in 8 languages and 14 countries. This involved working around the clock to cover different times zones, product training to master the knowledge required to conduct the survey successfully, followed by regular debriefs among interviewers and field staff to ensure the data collected is accurate and reflective of the market situation.

IT and Telecommunications

Name of the study: IT Decision Makers Tracking Study
Client: The client is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of IT based products and services.
Objective: Track performance and share of server operating systems and server virtualization, among IT Pros.
Target Respondents: IT implementers and decision makers with knowledge of servers and virtualization solutions used in the company.
Methodology: CATI
Sample Size: N=3800 interviews per wave covering Germany, USA, UK, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and China
AMR’s Role: Senior B2B interviewers specialized in the IT sector were used to reach IT Decision Makers in each country by using random sampling. AMR ensured interviews with a good regional mix from all parts for the country and diverse industries. AMR used 95% of the same interviewers across each wave for this tracking study.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Name of Study: Hereditary Angiodema (yearly tracking)
Client: International Research Agency specializing in healthcare research
Years Active: 2007 to 2014
Objective: To gain an overview of the treatment approaches used for Hereditary Angiodema in Europe and the US.
Target Respondents: Doctors who treat patients suffering from Hereditary Angiodema.
Methodology: In-depth telephone interviews
Sample Size: N=1500 interviews per wave covering the big 5 European markets (Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain) and USA.
AMR’s Role: Recruiting qualified doctors who have recently treated patients suffering from hereditary angiodema using available sources, supplemented by lists from the client. This involved intensive recruitment efforts and frequent appointment modifications to accommodate doctor’s schedules and commitments. A highly administrative study, requiring precision appointment keeping and following up by email and telephone calls. Securing each interview required intensive efforts.

Banks, Financial Services and Insurance

Name of Study: Finance and Media Tracking Study
Client: Financial media company
Years Active: 2010 to 2014
Objective: To better understand how to improve business / financial news and information across different types of media.
Target Respondents: Business Decision Makers and Financial Services professionals who use services for market data, analytics and business / financial news and information.
Methodology: CATI
Sample Size: N=900 to N=1775 in the US, Canada and Western Europe
AMR’s Role: In order to broaden the universe of potential respondents, samples of both businesses and affluent households were sampled. Targeting specific businesses known to use services for business or financial information increased the feasibility of recruiting these individuals.


Name of Study: Automotive Distribution Research
Client: An international research based organization focused on the supply and retailing of new and used vehicles.
Years Active: 2011 and 2012
Objective: to refresh the approach to new vehicle supply by asking customers what they receive, value and trade-off.
Target Respondents: Recent car buyers who bought up to 2 years ago.
Methodology: CATI
Sample Size: N=400 per market in Germany, UK, France, Italy and Poland
AMR’s Role: Native speaking interviewers called households in the different countries targeting recent car buyers of different automotive brands. Fieldwork was planned according to optimal times to reach household respondents.

Industrial & Commercial Machinery & Computer Equipment

Name of the study: Ink Cartridges Price Tracking Study
Client: The client is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of IT based products such as inkjet and laser printers, large format printers, scanners, digital cameras and serial impact dot matrix printers that cater to both business and personal users.Years of Active: 2012 and 2013
Objective: To track the prices of original ink cartridges(specified by brand and model) so as to enable it to better plan its pricing and marketing activities.
Target Respondents: Top resellers in the market like Saturn, Media Markt, etc.
Methodology: Telephone Mystery Shopping
Sample Size: N=30 shops in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina and Brazil.
AMR’s Role: Senior B2B interviewers were trained to conduct mystery calls to the targeted shops, assuming the role of an interested shopper while collecting information in accordance to the data requirements. AMR’s mystery Shoppers are skilled at remaining undercover while keeping the integrity of the script intact.

Travel and Tourism

Name of the study: Travellers Monthly Tracking Study
Client: International Airline
Years Active: 2012 and 2013
Objective: To continue monitoring the changes of consumers’ perception after the new branding from the client.Target Respondents: Targeting both B2B and Consumer travellers who have taken at least one long-haul Flight in the past 1 year to a qualifying destination.
Methodology: Online
Sample Size: N=2000 interviews in 20 countries worldwide with surveys running monthly.
AMR’s Role: Coordinating the fieldwork in 15 languages requiring unique brand randomizations and managing panel partners within very tight time frames.

Cosmetics and Body Care

Name of Study: Global Brand Tracking Study
Client: A global manufacturer and marketer of prestige skincare, makeup, fragrance and hair care products.
Years Active: 2012-2013 (with 3 waves per year)
Objective: To find out the usage behavior of facial skincare and makeup of key brands in France, Mexico, Japan and USA.
Target Respondents: Females aged 18 to 59 who regularly use facial skincare or makeup.
Methodology: CAWI with F2F recruitment
Sample Size: N=150 per country, per wave, 3 waves per year
AMR’s Role: Recruitment of potential female users of the targeted brands near high traffic shopping areas. AMR’s recruiters focused on face to face recruitment in major shopping areas in the targeted markets, supplmented by snowball recruitment, cold recruitment using household sample of affluent neighbourhoods and then following up with email correspondence. A recruitment-focused study where respondents self completed all interviews.