The technology market is affected by rapid innovation, regulatory intervention and overwhelming choice. Therefore differentiation and loyalty are major challenges for brands. We help hardware and software manufacturers by providing a clear understanding of consumer and business needs, behaviors and perceptions, enabling them to develop and deliver the most relevant positioning, communications, customer management initiatives, products and services.

Our work spans the full range of research solutions for IT and technology, including testing and evaluation of B2B software with CTOs (CRMS, ERPS, BI, Virtualization software, etc.), customer relationship and loyalty programs among professionals, B2B brand strategy -rebranding and tracking, usage and satisfaction for hardware solutions and the measurement/recommendation of sales agents.



Working with one of the world’s largest manufacturers of IT based products and services, we tracked the performance and share of server operating systems and virtualization among IT implementers and decision makers.

We had to find people with specific knowledge of servers and virtualization solutions used in the company. We used senior B2B interviewers to carry out 3,800 CATI interviews per wave in Germany, USA, UK, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and China. As specialists in the IT sector we reached decision makers in each country by using random sampling and ensured interviews with a good regional mix and diverse industries. 95% of the same interviewers were consistent across each wave.

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